10 minutes late for my appointment…I am huffing and puffing as I push the door open into the spa. The gorgeous Alex comes out and greets me. A welcoming smile and a calming aura. Immediately I relax and remember what Amanda (the owner of Bliss) had told me about Alex: “She has the most amazing hands, they are a gift from God.”

Well with that endorsement I felt obliged to let Alex work her magic on me. I plumped for the ‘anti stress’ facial, hoping for a fresher and more relaxed face as a result. I was a willing customer to fall under Alex’s godly spell. Well I hoped she had these talents because it had been a manic day for me and the anti-stress facial was definitely calling.

Alex showed me one of the rooms…calming music played with candles and an aroma of spices wafted past my nostrils.
I was told to lie on the bed and wait for her arrival. And wait I did……Alex’s hands touched my face and I had to agree with Amanda….AMAZING. The pressure and stress of the daily grind left my pores. It was an hour of bliss and Alex worked quietly away on my face and shoulders. She cleansed, exfoliated, toned, polish & plumped, peeled, masked and my favourite of all massaged my face, shoulders, arms and hands. I am a total sucker for massages.
I definitely drifted off and was almost sad when Alex told me it was time to wake up. I slowly came out of my blissful daze and got myself up and dressed.
I really have to say that if all of Amanda’s staff are like Alex then blimey ladies and gents you would never want to leave this spa.

Ok so some information for you to digest: ‘Bliss Waiheke’ has 2 sites both in the metropolis of Oneroa, one for daily beauty needs and the other one focuses on treatments for wedding couples and parties. ‘Bliss Weddings’ has the room for groups of bridal parties (up to 6 girls and boys) to enjoy treatments. Beauty packages range from make-up techniques to massages and pedicures. Attention to detail is paramount for Bliss and its’ guests…making sure parties have a fun, relaxed time at their spa. Alex also told me wine /champagne can also be arranged for groups while they are getting their treatments done. Anything you want ‘Bliss girls’ can arrange I was told. They even have a mobile make-up service starting very soon where brides and friends can have their make-up done in the comfort of their
accommodation. Ideal for the day of or before the wedding.
So ladies and gents…’Bliss’ definitely know how to pamper couples, friends and family members. You will definitely be in good and soothing hands especially if you have Alex pampering you.

So check out their website on: www.blissbythebeach.co.nz for more details on treatments and bookings.
Enjoy and mention ‘Celebrants on Waiheke’ to ‘Bliss’ staff members for the monthly offers.

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